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Accounting Services

Keeping control of your accounting obligations, both at local and overseas, requires access to experienced accountants.

Onestep Solutions’ outsourcing services division is a dynamic team of experienced professionals with the right competencies and skills. With over 15 years of experience in providing accounting outsourcing services for companies of varied scales ranging from multinationals to SMEs.

Our professionals have an in depth understanding of local regulation, accounting standards and financial processes. We use a structured quality process which protects our client’s privacy through strong confidentiality policies and practices.

Reporting Services

We use latest accounting systems that allows us to respond to your needs. Our reporting systems combined with our talented local teams allow for:

  • Preparation of financial reports in local GAAP and IFRS/US GAAP.
  • Preparation of weekly cash/fund status reports.
  • Creation and submission of annual financial statements.
  • Support of local and international audits.
  • Tailored management reports
  • Consolidated reporting at the required frequency with accompanying reconciliation between statutory and management reports.

Accounts Receivable Services

We can help control your operational risk, making sure you to provide real time and accurate invoicing and receivables.

  • Generation of client’s invoices.
  • Update receipts and collections.
  • Circulation of outstanding reports.

Account Payable Services

We help control your costs, helping you to stay compliant with local regulations surrounding the payment of invoices.

  • Our teams can asssist with the arrangement and settlement of invoices.
  • Cash Management - we can help you set up and run bank accounts.
  • Payments - we can run local settlement of invoices in line with your corporate controls.

Other Accounting Services

We also offer a range of supporting services such as:

  • Staff placement - short or long term resource issues can be alleviated by utilizing our global workforce.
  • M&A assistance - if you need back office support in a short time frame or more technical support long term, our experts and business model will help you achieve your strategy.
  • In-house training - we can help upskill your staff on local regulatory issues and any significant changes to the accounting landscape.
  • Ad-Hoc project support - we have experience in a board range of areas such as reorganizing accounting systems, bank payment administration, expense reporting and establishing accounting control procedures.

Controller Services

Our Controller Services provide you with access to knowledgeable Financial Controller level expertise when your business demands it. Let our professional and experienced team of financial experts perform your company’s Controller level functions when they are required. Our scalable business model allows you to leverage Accounting Controller and Financial Controller services when needed during key periods and then scale back this service during non-peak periods, at your discretion. Many businesses may not hire a Financial Controller because the salary is cost prohibitive. With this function missing, many businesses lack the expertise to prepare, forecast and analyze operating budgets.

Our Controller level services can be customized to fit your needs and can include the following:

  • Supervision and review of accounting staff’s work.
  • Ensuring all revenue earned and expenses incurred during the period has been recorded properly.
  • Fixed asset management.
  • Reconciliation of all balance sheet accounts.
  • Preparation of adjusting and closing entries.
  • Preparation of financial statements.

CFO Services

Hiring a full-time CFO sounds expensive, consider our part-time CFO services which will enable you to avoid spending money on high salaries yet still manage your financials. You will have 24x7 accesses to qualified staff at affordable rates. We understand that every organization requires a different service portfolio, so we handle each client based on their requirements. A typical team of CFO services consists of a Certified Public Accountant, Bookkeeping or Accounting Specialist, and a Customer Support Contact.

Our CFO services include:

  • Budgets and Forecasting
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Key Perfomance Indicators
  • Financial Analysis and Modeling
  • Financing
  • Special Projects
  • Working with Professionals (Accountant, Banker, Attorney ect.)

Bookkeeping Services

Keeping control of your bookkeeping obligations, both at local and overseas, requires access to experienced accountants.

Our bookkeeping services are tried and tested, backed with years of experience so our clients don’t have to worry about encountering local issues. We provide a blend of expertise with the support of technology, making us a go-to solution for bookkeeping requirements both domestically and internationally.

We offer a range of bookkeeping services which include:

  • Maintaining general and subsidiary ledgers.
  • Employee benefits and expenses.
  • AP and AR services.
  • Making supplier payments.
  • Treasury and banking.
  • Fixed asset (tangible and intangible).
  • Leases, loans and finance.
  • Closing/genaral ledger accounting.
  • Management reports (profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow statements).
  • VAT/Sales Tax filing.

Payroll Services

Onestep Solutions offers customized payroll services, which have the potential to save your business 30% of costs as compared to an in-house payroll professional. If your payroll accounting is consuming a significant amount of time and energy, let Onestep take care of it so that you can spend your time on core business activities. As a professional payroll service provider, you can run your business knowing that a trusted advisor is handling the payroll processing. With Onestep Solutions managing your outsourced payroll, you can be assured that you'll never miss a tax deadline, pay the wrong amount, or make errors on critical tax forms. All your payroll information will be maintained accurately and securely.

Our payroll services include:

  • Accurate and scheduled paydays.
  • Updating of Time Sheets.
  • Guaranteed, accurate EPF, ETF, Stamp Duty and PAYE Tax calculations.
  • Direct salary transfers.
  • Professional payroll processing- paychecks and pay stubs.
  • Contractor payments.
  • All major pay types: salary, hourly wages, bonuses, expense reimbursements, allowances, holiday pay, etc.
  • Voluntary deductions, cash advances, loan repayments and more.